Employee & Payroll Analytics:
Evaluate your HR processes

Periodically examine your employee related data to get timely insights into the overall health of employee controls and human resources (HR) process.

You have the data. Now get the insights.

Enable business users and data analysts to perform analysis with high ease and collaborate seamlessly, providing a readily available avenue for insights across your organisation.

Powerful Visualizations to understand
the data better

Equip your teams with powerful visualizations and reports, on-demand and on-schedule, to speed up decision-making.

Analyse large volumes of transactional
data with ease

Easily handle and analyse millions of rows or petabytes of transactional data, instead of sample analysis.

Perform complicated combinatorial
analytics with no-code

Employ advanced analytic techniques and make yourselves future-ready for further machine learning and AI capabilities.

Explore what you get from our Employee analytics

  • Expense Analysis
  • Payroll & Pension Analysis
  • Fraud Analysis
  • Relationship Analysis
  • Other Highlights

Expense Analysis

Enhance your understanding of employee expense and PCard transactions by embedding expense analytics.

  • Gain insights into expenses of various types - repetitive, urgent, non-regular, entertainment etc.
  • Reduce wastage or fraud abuse by identifying duplicate expenses or anomalies.
  • Combine your analytics with expense and PCard analysis at the employee level and identify anomalies such as details mismatch.

Payroll & Pension Analysis

Integrate payroll & pension analysis related to employees with no extra effort.

  • Perform validations and verifications of employee pension details including duplicates, addresses etc.
  • Effectively gain insights into the leaves availed by employees.
  • Undertake certain validations related to salary redirections etc.

Fraud Analysis

Integrate fraud analysis of transactions related to employees and their expenses with no extra effort.

  • Perform validations and verifications of employee details including duplicates, addresses etc.
  • Reduce chances of employee and payroll fraud by identifying employee and payroll duplicates
  • Undertake certain validations related to employees, payroll and bonuses.

Relationship Analysis

Easily identify conflicts of interest by embedding relationship analytics between various entities.

  • Perform various conflict of interest tests like Employee Hierarchy Divison, Employee impersonation etc.
  • Identify any unexpected relationships between various employees and persons related to payroll process.
  • Easily perform cross-verification across multiple data sets to identify anomalies.

Other Highlights

Easily update your Employee & Payroll analytics package, by periodic updates, with additional new analyses.

  • Increase your profits by reducing the chances of unintentional or fraudulent spending in employee payroll processes.
  • Provide supplementary insights during due diligence, audit investigations etc.
  • Proactively empower teams to improve the payroll and expense approval processes.

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