Analytics should be simple, super-fast and with maximum productivity.

Our Vislesha platform and pre-built analytical packages, are all you need to get your analytics into a top gear, quickly from scratch.

Ready Use Cases For
Every Scenario

Simple To Use For

Blazing Fast For
Huge Data

Insights Tracking
& Collaboration

Power Your Enterprise Analytics With Vislesha.

With our customized solutions for in-house enterprise-wide deployment, you can have your own shared analytics platform within your organization.
This will empower and raise the productivity of your teams across functions.

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Execute any analysis in just few clicks

Performing analysis has never been this easy, even without prior coding experience!

Choose your analytics package or modules

Just choose the analytics package that is relevant for your analysis.

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Link data and execute analytics

Select the data source to perform your analysis on, and confirm execution.

Track and share analysis over time

Review insights, add your notes, mark the insights and share them with your team.

Wide Range of Analytics Packages

Our full-featured Vislesha platform offers most readymade analytics for most analyses required by your teams across departments.

  • Audit Analytics
  • Employee Analytics
  • Vendor Analytics
  • Fraud & Compliance Analytics
  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABAC)
  • Customer Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics
  • Spend Analytics
  • Human Resource & Payroll Analytics
  • Advanced Visualizations & Reporting

Experience smarter analytics

With Vislesha's All-in-one Analytics Platform

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