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One versatile platform.
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To manage analytics and data.

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    Pre-packaged Analytics

    Vislesha’s unique approach is to integrate all analytics use cases of an organization within a single platform, unlike siloed and disjointed applications.

    • Secure access to only the required use cases
    • Re-use the same data sources/data warehouse
    • Central manageability and resource tracking
    • Intelligent operationalization of analytics pipelines
  • 2

    Lightning-Fast Analytics Engine

    Vislesha uses cutting edge In-Memory and Distributed Analytics engines that can be seamlessly scaled to suit user workload with blazing fast speed than traditional solutions.

    • Unique streaming data for faster data refreshes
    • Enables continuous monitoring solutions where near real-time analysis of data is required
    • Can be leveraged to automate even IoT related use cases
  • 3

    Ingestion of Heterogenous Data Sources

    Vislesha lets you choose your enterprise data sources – at the database level or data warehouse level, with reporting flexibility and query performance optimized across OLAP & OLTP.

    • Unique design for proper balance between load and query performance
    • Adaptable to the evolving data growth and complexity
    • Unique feature of Mapping Templates
    • Apply transformations in ingestion phase to avoid costly data imports later
  • 4

    Flexibility To Customize

    Unlike others, Vislesha provides dashboards to suit the specific analysis for the end user consumption rather than wasting time on the creation and customization of dashboards.

    • Package includes multiple analytics related to a use case
    • Provide insights from multiple vantage points
    • All analytics can be customized to suit any relevant data sets
    • Extendable to configure analyses to apply other data elements with ease
  • 5

    Powerful Data Exploration & Pattern Highlighting

    Vislesha’s powerful data-grid can load huge data sets in a breeze and gives the end user a transparent view of whole datasets in the browser.

    • Highly useful features like filter, search, and pivot of large data sets
    • Powerful and customizable scoring algorithms highlight needles in the haystack
    • Minimize lot of manual hours of reviewing analysis results
  • 6

    Look At Same Data In Many Ways

    Move away from a one-dimensional way of looking at data elements in only one perspective.

    • Look at the data from multiple vantage points
    • Understand the impact of these vantage points on multiple problem domains or objective areas
  • 7

    Include Annotations & Observations

    Enable users to tag specific data elements based on their analysis that can be centrally managed.

    • Easily locate any interesting patterns
    • Enable recording and collaboration with appropriate follow-up actions
  • 8

    Security-centric Management

    Vislesha is built on top of latest security frameworks and standards.

    • Compliance with OpenID and OAuth2.0 standards.
    • Facilitate Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Connectors to seamlessly integrate with the organizations’ security

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